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Updated: Aug 3, 2019

 There wasn’t ever a time where I was magically introduced to henna, it’s always been around in my life, but it clicked deep when I picked up a henna cone for the first time in India at my cousins house. That was 2011, there have been so many things that have happened from then to now, and I am grateful to the universe for every second of it! I’ve been featured by VoyageDalas Magazine not once but twice! You know everyone is born with a purpose and when we follow our purpose, the universe has our back like no one else. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! I couldn’t have done this without your support!

I've included the links below if you'd like to read the articles!

Trailblazer Mamta Rana

# LadyBoss: Girl Boss Redefining What a Girl Boss Looks Like

(Scroll Down Until you See Matrika Henna)


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