Henna Safety

Do you know what your henna artist puts in his/her paste?

Fresh Organic Henna

Henna (aka Lawsonia Inermis) is a shrub that grows in Egypt, Africa, Sudan, India, and Pakistan.. It has an ancient and rich history and has been used as a form of adornment and as a form of medicinal purposes as well. Back then, women only used water to mix henna before applying it to their hands and nails for a light orange stain. Today, it’s almost as if each henna artist has their own henna recipe, and not all of those recipes are the most nourishing to the skin.

Natural henna is perishable and has a shelf life of about 2 days out on the counter (you could leave it out for 3 days, but sometimes depending on humidity liquid might ooze from the cone- it doesn’t mean that its bad henna but we prefer clean hands vs. sticky and would want the freshest hanna for our paid service) 5 days in the fridge, and up to 1 year when frozen as a paste (Henna paste shouldn’t be re-frozen more than twice.)  

Usually natural henna is made with ingredients such as 100% organic triple-sifted henna powder, sugar or molasses, essential oils like lavender or cajeput, and some kind of liquid like lemon juice, tea or coffee, or even just plain water.  Some henna artists will use rose water or flower water to add scent to their paste, which is fine but It’s important to keep in mind quality of ingredients when speaking to your artist about their paste. Sometimes artists use all of these ingredients along with some form of preservatives that help the henna “stain faster” or “have a longer shelf life” and we want encourage you to do your research and be mindful when selecting an henna artist for your event or private session. Natural henna takes about 24-72 hours for the stain to reach its peak. Don’t go the easy route. There is no such thing as pretty henna blisters.

Look, henna is such a wonderful, healing element to the body and we want each person interested in henna to have a positive experience with it. Henna has been used as a healing element to the body since ancient times and it’s a shame that there are henna artists out there who knowingly make chemically treated paste, and even worse those who sell chemically treated paste to people and other henna artists.

Matrika Henna pledges to use only 100% Natural Henna to serve our clients. Our paste consists of 100% triple sifted organic henna powder, sugar, water, essential oils, and 100% Moroccan orange blossom water. We take great care in ensuring that our paste is the fresh and is made with quality ingredients.

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