My Story

Matrika henna serves women with purpose as a safe space to unwind and let their hair down during a henna sessions. Matrika Henna offers them the much need space and time to nourish themselves and take care of their mental health. Over the years, I’ve learned that there is great healing power in conversation, and more and more people need this healing in their life. 


Today, Matrika Henna, holds the holistic growing space for her clients. We all have baggage that we need to work through, we all have perspective that we need to gain, and we all have towering issues and demons in our minds. In my personal life, I’ve seen the biggest 'demons' crumble to the ground through simple conversation, and I’ve had the most restful sleep after a vent. 


So Hi! My name is Mamta and I am a self-taught professional henna artist; founder of Matrika Henna, and I love what I do. If you made it this far, lets grab a glass of wine or chai, and chat more during our henna session. I'd love your learn more about you!

© 2019 by Mamta Rana

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