I'm the founder and artist behind Matrika Henna. I serve fun-loving, ambitious, and design-inspired women in the Dallas, TX area with self-care centered professional henna services. 

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Self-Care Redefined


"You attract the energy you embody."

In today's fast-paced and surface-deep society, it's so hard to find the time that is so essential for the nourishment of self. At Matrika Henna, we understand the importance of digging deeper, building connection, and honoring the soul. Our mission is to promote relaxation, reduce of stress, and celebrate the goddess in you through meaningful conversation and soothing henna application.

Essential Oils

Matrika Henna is committed to exclusively using natural and premium ingredients in our henna paste and wants to work with with an EO company who is committed to doing the same. 


 Because not all essential oils are created equal, Young Living Essential Oils is committed to maintaining the ultimate industry standard in essential oils and products through the Seed to Seal program. YL embraces strict protocol to ensure that each essential oil product has achieved the three pillars -Sourcing, Science, Standards. 

Young Living own and grows lavender in fields across the world, and handles everything from growing, to cultivating, to extraction, to packaging the oil- hence the term Seed to Seal.


 Serving Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Allen, Plano, and Surrounding Areas

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Our Services


A wonderful way to wind down, de-stress, and re-energize.


Enjoy a unique henna experience with your guests.


Celebrate new beginnings with a beautiful freehand designs.

Meet Your Artist

Meet Mamta, founder and artist behind Matrika Henna. She's worked with henna since 2011, and has been featured in VoyageDallas for her accomplishments as a female creative entrepreneur in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Mamta uses premium and organic ingredients in her paste to ensure 100% natural and chemical free paste.  Matrika henna serves women with purpose as a safe space to unwind and let their hair down during a henna sessions which include everything from everyday casual henna to intricate and custom bridal sessions.  Matrika Henna offers them the much need space and time to nourish themselves and take care of their mental health. 

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Honor the Goddess Within You

At Matrika Henna, we believe in the power of manifestation and intention. 

From the time we connect to the time we part ways, our intention is to honor the goddess within you and inspire you towards your higher self. 


Hey y'all! So I've had the privilege to be interviewed and showcased by Hennapreneur and I'd love to share this interview with you! Chelsea Stevenson (founder of Cardamom Clove Henna and Hennapreneur ) and I had so much fun and shared so many laughs, shared some valuable lessons I've learned through my henna journey and life.


Saraswati. Lakshmi. Parvati.

Creator. Preserver. Destroyer.

Three elements that make up the Mother Goddess, Shakti. 


In ancient Hindu scriptures, Matrika Goddesses are mentioned several times.


Sometimes they are a group of goddesses who help the Mother Goddess Shakti fight battles, other times they are the Mother Goddess themselves, and have been mentioned as a goddess of the alphabet - they are essentially energy.


There is a subtle power with Matrika, a strange peacefulness, but some how a strong sense of power.

Through Matrika Henna, we serve women with purpose as a safe space to unwind and let their hair down during a henna sessions.


Matrika Henna offers the much need space and time to nourish yourself and take care of your mental health through creative adornment and connection. 

The Henna Blog

The one blog where we talk about everything from henna safety to real girl issues (no matter how petty), because life is so much more than just henna. There's so much to take in, so much to get accustomed to, and all while sticking to our purpose- and I'd love to share my side of the story with you!



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